Josiah and lauren baby

Josiah and lauren baby

Josiah Duggar and his wife Lauren have welcomed their rainbow baby! On Friday, Nov. Swanson was there, so she was able to help her out. I was thinking maybe I had something that had gluten in it. It was late at night and I went to use the restroom and there was the baby. A Comprehensive Guide to the Giant Family. But in May, the pair received the happy news they were expecting a new addition less than a year after the heartbreaking miscarriage. Baby 2. One month later, Josiah and Lauren announced that they would be welcoming a baby girl in this fall. She truly is a gift… a miracle from God. They announced the sex of their little one on the way at a reveal party with family and friends, where balloons were filled with white, pink or blue confetti and guests were told to pop them to determine the sex of the baby. When the last balloon was popped, pink confetti exploded in the air. FB Tweet ellipsis More. Get push notifications with news, features and more. You'll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications. Image zoom. Josiah and Lauren Duggar. Della Milagro. Lauren Duggar and Josiah Duggar. Close Share options. All rights reserved.

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Josiah and lauren baby
Welcome to the world! Josiah and Lauren Duggar are new parents to a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Bella Milagro Duggar, born on November 8, at pm, weighing 6lbs 5oz and She definitely has lived up to her name which means 'beautiful miracle. Photo by: Erica Kirby Photography. The couple first made their pregnancy announcement in Maywhere they shared photos celebrating their "rainbow baby" in remembrance to their first pregnancy which ended in miscarriage. Then in June the couple had more to celebrate—their first wedding anniversary, AND the reveal they were expecting a baby girl! Bella Duggar is the second baby girl to join the family this month, after sister-in-law Kendra Duggar and hubby Joe welcomed their baby girl Addison Duggar less than a week before Bella's arrival. See the maternity shoot of all the new Duggar moms and moms-to-be this year! Full Episodes. Counting On couple Josiah and Lauren Duggar have a baby girl! See the first photos. Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. Now Playing. Erica Kirby Photography. Congratulations to Lauren, Josiah, and their sweet new family of three! See The First Photo Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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By Carly Stern For Dailymail. Lauren and Josiah Duggar have shared their a new family photo two weeks after welcoming their first child earlier this month. We are obsessed with her adorable smiles. The professional shot shows Josiah and Lauren wearing neutral colors, with Lauren holding Bella in a lacy onesie against her chest. Josiah, 23, also helps support the infant, who is wearing a white bow headband on her mostly bald head. The couple welcomed the child earlier this month, just over a year after Lauren had a miscarriage at five weeks. While the couple was clearly joyful about their new baby, the birth announcement made sure to mention Lauren's suffering during labor. She appears to have been about a week early, as the couple had shared their due date as November Bella was the second Duggar baby girl to be born this month; Josiah's brother Joe, 24, and Joe's wife Kendra, 21, welcomed their second child Addison Renee a week earlier. Though a new web episode of Counting On shows that Kendra had a very difficult labor, their statement was a bit more upbeat, reading: 'Addison Renee has made us a family of four and we are already so in love with her! Also due this month is Anna, 31, with her sixth child with sex pest Josh, This is the second child that the couple conceived since Josh's dual sex scandals in They're still doing it: Anna and sex pest Josh are expecting their sixth some time this month. This is the first child for Josiah and Lauren but the second pregnancy. Lauren has been outspoken about suffering a miscarriage last fall at just five weeks gestation. The couple married on June 30,and, like most Duggars, were pregnant in a matter of months. But at just five weeks along — likely within days of taking the positive test — Lauren lost the pregnancy. It just hurt really bad. The experience gave Lauren a new perspective on depression, which she had previously been quick to dismiss with a 'whatever' when other people complained about it. So sad: Lauren cried on a recent episode of Counting On as she spoke about her miscarriage.

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Josiah and Lauren Duggar have officially welcomed their baby girl. The stars of the TLC reality show Counting On, who suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage last year, announced the exciting news of their daughter's arrival on Monday, Nov. And Josiah and Lauren Duggar's baby girl's name is really just so special and meaningful. Lauren gave birth to their daughter, Bella Milagro, early in the evening on Friday, the couple shared with Us Weekly. We can't believe she is ours — she is so perfect! Bella Milagro is such a gorgeous name that also holds a strong significance for the couple. Bella means "beautiful" in Spanish and Milagro is also Spanish for "miracle". When you put these two words together, you get Beautiful Miracle. This name in particular holds a lot of significance to Lauren, who shares the same middle name as her little girl and revealed in an Instagram post in September that she is a quarter Hispanic but not fluent in Spanish. The name really is an absolutely perfect fit for their little miracle. The couple went through a lot before meeting their little miracle. In February, the couple opened up to TLC about suffering a miscarriage just a few months after their wedding in June The couple explained in an Instagram post that they were going to keep this a secret, but knew that they could help others by sharing their story. After going through such a difficult time, happiness was on the horizon for them. In May, the couple announced that they were expecting again in a sweet Instagram post that hinted to what they would name their daughter. In another Instagram post in August, Lauren wrote how grateful she was to be pregnant. Their daughter has been and always will be their miracle baby. As Lauren wrote in an Instagram post, miracles do happen. And baby Bella Milagro just so happens to be their own beautiful miracle with a perfectly precious and meaningful name. Congratulations to the very happy couple!

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Josiah and lauren baby
He and his wife Lauren Swanson Duggar are so thankful for their rainbow baby. And are sharing her updates with the world. She looks like a very happy and healthy baby. There are a lot of rumors about how Josiah Duggar of Counting On and his wife got together. Whatever the case is, it seems like the marriage did calm Josiah down. Maybe the matter of losing a baby also made Josiah from the show Counting On grow up quickly. He and his bride announced to the family they were having their first baby. It was very difficult to see them go through the miscarriage. Lauren shared about it with her mother and the Duggar family matriarch Michelle. Both her mother and Michelle experienced miscarriages, so they were able to provide some encouragement. But the family is making it through the tough times together. They stayed home pretty long and then they went into the hospital. It seems like she felt everything from the birth of the baby as well as the pain of multiple injections. Thankfully, their second baby arrived in the world healthy and happy and now we see her smiling face at eight months old. Josiah Duggar and his young wife will soon have a bouncing baby one-year-old on their hands. While other Duggars are getting grief about their parenting, it seems Josiah and Lauren are doing good according to Counting On fans. With the family car lot closed down, he may not have a job at all. Maybe Josiah is just enjoying life at home with his family. And other fans of Counting On think he might be depressed. Do you need more updates from Counting On? Soap Dirt has everything you need, so come back again soon. Skip to content. Counting On. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

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On Monday, Josiah and Lauren Duggar announced that their baby girl has arrived! The couple named their first daughter Bella. In response to her namefans are concerned. This is because Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth recently lost a baby at 20 weeks gestation. Joy chose to name her baby Annabell Elise. Now, fans are expressing concerns about the names being too similar. Our hearts are so full! We are so thankful for God blessings us with such a healthy baby girl! Lauren said that they have already chosen one. A couple months before that, in late June, Joy-Anna suffered her loss. Duggar fans think that Josiah and Lauren should have reconsidered their name choice after Joy-Anna named her baby Annabell. Overall, fans seem to like the name itself. They especially like the meaning. Some are just unsure about how close it is to Annabell. They are afraid that it will be hard on Joy-Anna. They think this is interesting. This is because the baby Lauren lost is named Asa. Because of this pattern so far, fans are speculating that the couple might name their kids in alphabetical order. Of course, it could be purely coincidental. We will only know for sure when their family grows. Happy Sunday! Perhaps they just liked the name Bella and its meaning. When we finally got to see and hold our precious Bella Milagro all the pain instantly went away. How about the alphabet idea? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts. Your email address will not be published. Tv Shows Ace. Share on Facebook.

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