Kenshi bonedog eat corpse

Kenshi bonedog eat corpse

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Kenshi Store Page. Global Achievements. EDIT: If you need to feed your doggo, you can drop food for them At the time I posted this, I suppose the feature was newly added on the experimental branch. Wasn't sure if it was a bug at the time - Backstory Skip this if you care not So, recently I've begun to shift my focus from exploration to militarization. I've been setting up a new Fort just off the west coast near the fog. The focal point of several fairly hostile factions makes for an exciting method of toughening up new recruits. The grit of near constant battle had taken it's toll on the recruits though, as I quickly found out how easy it was to get in over my head. Later, while the recruits were in recovery mode I realized I needed a new means of defending the base. I couldn't devote my more experienced Surveyors, because they were the core method of transporting goods between my outposts; being able to run past the dangers with heavy backpacks. After reading about how powerful bonedogs supposedly were, I figured I'd make a trip to my local Holy Nation farm and pick up a few pups. Due to my poor planning however, I ended up with only one left. This was fine, though. The recruits at this point are now more capable combatants. After returning from a brief break from Kenshi, I realize that my bonedog is starving. I didn't see anything about it in the patch notes; in the past they didn't need food. Anyone know? Last edited by AntiAce ; 21 Sep, am. Showing 1 - 15 of 21 comments. I had to park a guy with a traders backpack in the middle of my animals and sit there. So basically for me one guy is just a feeding post since he cant do anything but stand there. I am not sure if bonedogs will eat food out of bulls backpack. Bulls eat food out of their own backpack. Temper View Profile View Posts. If you don't mind using mods then you can install doggy backpacks. They should theoretically all eat from the backpack if in the same squad. Last edited by Temper ; 12 Aug, pm.

Kenshi bonedog backpack

Kenshi bonedog eat corpse
Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Kenshi Store Page. Global Achievements. Locklave View Profile View Posts. My bonedogs are eating bodies and I'm watching the hunger bar drop. Why is this a mechanic that causes my dogs to wander off while at the same time giving no up side and defying logic. Showing 1 - 11 of 11 comments. Its most likely the game can not give a NU value to bodies. I thought pc dogs won't eat corpses, only npc ones. Though yeah the whole playing limbs thing is annoying. At the very least the range they run off should be diminished. Last edited by biochimera ; 13 Jan, am. Kai View Profile View Posts. It's odd that you can't order your dogs to eat corpses or downed enemies to finish them faster Would be a cool game mechanic that would also be considered criminal if your dog accidentally ate your ally unless coded to only target enemies. Originally posted by bogpad :. Boendogs do not have the eat corpse Ai function. Last edited by BloodyRain2k ; 18 Feb, am. I had pet crabs eat corpses in front of my base. Did not pay attention if their hunger dropped or rose, though.

Kenshi how to train bonedog

Bonedogs are canine-like creatures which roam the wastes in large packs. They are fairly hostile when other inhabitants of the world roam into their territory. These creatures, however wild by nature, have been domesticated by people as trusty companions and loyal guardians. They are drawn to the scent of dead bodies, and devour them if they see any. Living humanoids are not part of their diet, though they will attempt to correct their status if they spot them. They are commonly kept as pets by some factions, like Rebel Farmers and Bounty Hunters. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? If you have a bonedog companion, keep in mind it will not eat until it reaches approximately hunger, rather than a humanoid companion's They can eat all foods as well as foul meat and lost limbs. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. Melee Attack. The Statistics here are taken from FCS. Players should be aware that animal characters level up as they grow, and may be stronger or weaker depending on their current age. Removing these items from the creature will kill it instantly.

Kenshi mountain dog

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Kenshi Store Page. Global Achievements. Riff View Profile View Posts. I'm looking to enable the corpse eating behavior bonedogs normally exhibit for my recruited bonedog. For a long time I had a neutral 'nomad' bonedog that lived in my courtyard and kept it clean of unsightly corpses, but he eventually moved on. Now I want my own bonedog to take up this role. Has anyone seen a mod that does this? If no, can anyone point me toward where bonedog ai might be tinkered with in the editor kit? Showing 1 - 9 of 9 comments. On the character sheet for bonedog under ai package use eat any body. It did work for my blackwidow spider squad recruit but with my Demons they will only eat bodies as npcs and not as squad members. I'm not meeting with success. Are these the changes you suggested? Looks good, that is what i did and it worked fine for the PC spider but not PC human types so im interested to see if that works for your PC dog. It might not require an import, but if it doesn't seem to work that would be the next step to test. I just looked at mine and i had the weight at 3 and self preservation at 4 so eating wont take priority over staying alive lol. Last edited by Howls TheMoon ; 13 Dec, pm. Alazter View Profile View Posts. I keep on looking to make it work. Last edited by Funky Monkey ; 13 Mar, pm. I was able to make even human characters eat bodies after battle but i made it work reliably by putting the ai package on a game start squad. For an example you could check out the Path of Hunger game start in Maven and the Shades mod in the fcs. So we could engineer a special game start where your squad starts with a unique bonedog with that ai package. That would work, but now if the bonedog ever dies he couldn't be replaced, since any new bonedogs wouldn't have the ai package. Not ideal, but way closer to solved than we were before. Any character or animal recruited or purchased into to your group that is in squad1 will automatically use that ai. In the drop down there is squad, squad 2 and animal squad. So if you don't assign ai to squad 2 then moving characters there will cancel that ai untill they are moved to squad 1.

Kenshi bonedog pup

Kenshi bonedog eat corpse
Animals play a large role in Kenshi. There are many Zones which are considered dangerous exclusively due to the animals which inhabit that zone. Animals can range from herbivores, scavengers, or man eating predators. Animals can own locations such as Tower of Goats and Tower of Spidershowever a majority of animal locations are randomly spawning Nests. Many animals only spawn in Homeless Spawns in Zones, either in squads or alone. Certain animals can be Playable Characters after being purchased from Animal Traders. These Animal Player Characters come with their own risks and benefits. These animals will eat nearby unconscious characters. Characters may be awakened from unconsciousness in a desperate attempt to save their lives, but often characters remain unconscious throughout being eaten alive. These animals are either patrolling an area or are nesting animals which will become hostile if characters enter their territory. These animals may choose to eat growing crops at a player outpost, which triggers the player characters to fight them. Often these animal Base Assaults can be prevented by clearing out nearby Nests before they seek out an outpost's farms. These animals usually do not initiate combat with other groups, but Swamp Raptors will eat corpses when given the opportunity. These animals will primarily roam in groups and will not initiate combat with characters on sight. These animals are normally neutral but can be provoked without attacking them. Similar to territorial animals, but they do not have a fixed territory or nest. Wild Garru may growl when the player moves nearby. If this happens and the player stops moving disable jobs and press R and remains still, the Garru will remain peaceful. However, if the player continues moving near them, the herd may attack. Some characters have dialogue when this interaction happens. Many regions of Kenshi are heavily damaged environmentally. In these areas, Robots take the place of wildlife. Mega Animals are rare versions of regular animals and comparatively have very high stats, especially body part health. Mega Animals can be found in a single set location. You can buy these and play them like regular characters! While they are rated in every skill—just like typical humanoid characters—they can't actually use very many eg. Goats can't use Armor Smith, even if highly proficient. If players have animals in their squad and everyone gets KO'ed in battle, there's a high chance that bandits will butcher the animals for meat. The primary faction to purchase animals from is the Nomads.

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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Kenshi Store Page. Global Achievements. I just got my own bonedog puppy from some caravan trader and I have some corpses lying around base from an attack, Can I get it to eat the corpses for me? Showing 1 - 8 of 8 comments. Dinoman View Profile View Posts. They eat limbs cut off from bodies. Not entire corpses though. I had seen wild dogs and NPC dogs ate corpses, their status change to "eating corpse" or something. My vanilla pet dog can eat animal corpse, their status changed to "picking up food". What I not seen is human corpse, I think they cannot eat human, just limbs. Originally posted by bunny de fluff :. All animals outside players control will never starve, their hunger never drop no matter what edit: sorry, their hunger will drop if caged. They eat only for show and for destroying corpses. Last edited by bunny de fluff ; 18 Jul, pm. Originally posted by awhurley :. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 18 Jul, pm. Posts: 8. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website.

Kenshi how to get a bonedog

Each field in your source is automatically assigned an id that you can later use as a parameter in models and predictions. In the Models Section you will learn how to customize the input fields or the objective field. You can use this id to retrieve the prediction later on. The predicted value is found in the prediction object, keyed by the corresponding objective field id. A quick start guide for the impatient is here. You can use BigML. That is to say, using BigML. Fully white-box access to your datasets, models, clusters and anomaly detectors. Asynchronous creation of resources. The four original BigML resources are: source, dataset, model, and prediction. As shown in the picture below, the most basic flow consists of using some local (or remote) training data to create a source, then using the source to create a dataset, later using the dataset to create a model, and, finally, using the model and new input data to create a prediction. The training data is usually in tabular format. Each row in the data represents an instance (or example) and each column a field (or attribute). These fields are also known as predictors or covariates. When the machine learning task to learn from training data is supervised one of the columns (usually the last column) represents a special attribute known as objective field (or target) that assigns a label (or class) to each instance. The training data in this format is named labeled and the machine learning task to learn from is named supervised learning. Once a source is created, it can be used to create multiple datasets. Likewise, a dataset can be used to create multiple models and a model can be used to create multiple predictions. A model can be either a classification or a regression model depending on whether the objective field is respectively categorical or numeric. Often an ensemble (or collection of models) can perform better than just a single model. Thus, a dataset can also be used to create an ensemble instead of a single model. A dataset can also be used to create a cluster or an anomaly detector. Clusters and Anomaly Detectors are both built using unsupervised learning and therefore an objective field is not needed. In these cases, the training data is named unlabeled. A centroid is to a cluster what a prediction is to a model. Likewise, an anomaly score is to an anomaly detector what a prediction is to a model. There are scenarios where generating predictions for a relative big collection of input data is very convenient. For these scenarios, BigML. These resources take a dataset and respectively a model (or ensemble), a cluster, or an anomaly detector to create a new dataset that contains a new column with the corresponding prediction, centroid or anomaly score computed for each instance in the dataset. Note: In the snippets below you should substitute Alfred's username and API key for your own username and API Key. You can create, read, update, and delete resources using the respective standard HTTP methods: POST, GET, PUT and DELETE. All communication with BigML. All access to BigML. In this way communication between your application and BigML.

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The itinerary was superb and the map with marked places together with the vouchers and printed material invaluable. The marked route was great and we did follow the advice given (mostly. The food was excellent everywhere. We did the history students walking tour on the day we left which was excellent and we would recommend as a good way to learn about iceland and the city. We had chosen the "quality" option for hotels, so we thought we'd be staying at the Arctic hotel in Ilulissat, but we were given the Icefiord hotel. In the end we concluded it was much better, since it's a small hotel, has its own charm, and is in an excellent position right in front of wonderful Disco bay. Everything worked out very well and Alexandra Thorisdottir took very good care of us. Hotel Icefjord was great. We were given an unusually large room, with a small kitchen. Alexandra was wonderful to work with. She answered all my questions promptly, and was very helpful. We have already shared your website address with many friends, and have spoken highly about our trip, and the great service we received. Hopefully some of those recommendations will result in additional visitors coming to visit your great country. My wife and I just returned from 10 fabulous and exciting days in Iceland and can't say enough about the arrangements made by Nordic Visitor and Erla, in particular. The rental car was great (almost brand new) and the GPS was helpful on several occasions. All of the hotel arrangements were top-notch. We can't think of anything that could have been better. We loved the tour that Nordic Visitor provided. We added two days and were very happy with everything that we did. The vendors that partner with Nordic Visitor were amazing and understanding, and everyone went well above and beyond to take care of us. I am extremely impressed and talk about your agency as much as I talk about how much I have fallen in love with your country. Your team is exceptional. Well organized and efficient services. All questions and concerns handled quickly and expertly. We were very happy with our whole experience with Nordic Visitor. Everything was laid out very well with no hitches. Distances suggested to travel each day gave us plenty of time to see all the beautiful places we had chosen to see. The overall experience was exceptional. We really enjoyed our trip and credit Nordic Visitor for such an amazing stay. Overall we were impressed with the service, organisation, level of planning and detailed information, your consultant was extremely helpful and competent and a pleasure to deal with. I just wanted to say that everything was fantastic. I never had to worry about our rooms or traveling in an unfamiliar country because you guys took care of everything. I was particularly thankful for the map with the highlights. We used it every night when we started planning out our stops for the next day. The suggested sights and activities were always helpful. We never would have heard of it, but after seeing "The Eggs of Merry Bay" written in on our map, we looked it up, made the stop, and it was so worth it. We were so glad to have the other suggestions, like the farm in Efstidalur, for good local food (and ice cream) when we were out sightseeing. Excellent job is all I can say. A companion gets eaten alive by cannibals and another loses both legs - Kenshi (NO SAVES ALLOWED 2)

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